I WILL get the hang of this!

Yes, I know it’s far too long since the last posting but I have been thwarted in my efforts to upload a piece of verse without it’s being converted into continuous prose!  The piece in question is called ‘Words’ – so you can see why I’m keen to get it up here.  Ah well, the world must wait for that particular gem. 

 I write plays, poetry, fiction and non-fiction.    ‘How to Stop Flogging a Dead Horse’ came out last year.   Do I need to tell you to click on the image?  I guess I need to read more blogs as well as write them in order to become more savvy.

 My Book

It’s a wet windy Saturday here on the Isle of Bute and the darling buds of May are in danger of being swept away. 


1 Response to “I WILL get the hang of this!”

  1. 1 chris May 19, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    It strikes me that the problem *could* be if you copy and paste your poem. Try typing it freshly into the box and see if that works.

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