Back again!

My plan is to post several times a week.  I’ve been working away much of the time this last 2 weeks so no time to write.  What is this ‘no time’ business?  There is time of course – the same amount as any other week or any other person has.  It’s what we choose to do in or with it.  ‘In‘ – time as a dimension or an environment like fish swim in the sea?  ‘With‘ – a resource or commodity that can be managed or bought?  My hope is that I have ‘bought’ some writing time by working at the day job.  The summer is an opportunity to make that a reality.  Hold me to this! 

My choice to leave employment and a routine life has made this more possible.  My day job is challenging but my diary is flexible so I feel more in charge of my life.  When energy is expended in a demanding job, it doesn’t leave much for creative activities.  I remember reading about a poet who took a job staffing a weighbridge.  It kept the wolf from the door but allowed him time to think and muse without draining his creative energy.   Don’t know why he needed a job mind you – poets earn such a fortune as Wendy Cope reminds us in her poem Engineers’ Corner

I do make time to ‘stand and stare’ – not enough but I’m working on it (maybe that should be ‘I’m not working on it’…)  I had the reward of seeing a red squirrel yesterday morning in Perthshire. 

How do you use/manage/swim in time – you other writers out there? 


1 Response to “Back again!”

  1. 1 chris June 30, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    Badly! I was much more organised when I was still teaching in school – apart from anything else, there were times when the weans were busy and you could busy yourself with whatever you liked (and pay later, of course). But now? Retired, time to write? Not a bit of it. I had to go to Colonsay to read half a book, for Pete’s sake! I console myself that blogging keeps my writing in practice for when I actually have something to say … 😉

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