Inspiration versus Perspiration

Two friends have made comments that have set me thinking – and writing!  ‘It must be a challenge to blog purely about writing.’  Yes, it is.  Of course I can include all sorts of related topics – but to keep the focus on the process of writing and the written word does exercise the reluctant neurons.  Hence the title.  Who was it that said success was 10% the one and 90% the other?  Someone out there will tell me -and correct the figures.  But hey I didn’t promise statistics!  My favourite quotation in that vein is Woody Allen’s ‘90% of success is just showing up’.  So here I am folks.

Another friend who was kind enough to say that she felt inspired after a discussion with me has decided that, for the moment, she is not going to work on the writing project she had in mind.  Her energy is for other things just now.  Only she can know whether she is shying away from the page.  Should she – or any of us – be ‘perspiring’ over the paper or the PC?  Apparently Julian Clary wrote 1,000 words a day – I haven’t read his book so I can’t say anything about the quality.  What I am clear about is that it’s better to take a decision about it one way or the other.  Not quite getting down to it and beating yourself up about the fact, is a waste of energy.  Write or don’t write.  (I’m talking to myself here as I’m sure you’ve realised.)

The sun is shining.  This is relevant.  Anything seems possible especially if you attended the Bute Highland Games in torrential rain on Saturday!

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