Another wet Sunday!

I must be tuning in with my cat Phoebe in some weird way.  I was in the middle of a dream and had just agreed with someone I’d met that it was turning out to be a much better day when I was wakened by a single loud miaow and woke to find a soaking wet creature standing over me as though to say ‘Well that’s a load of rubbish, it’s throwing it down out there!’  This is a cat who almost never miaows – I’d say I’ve only heard her do such a thing 3 times in the 3 months she’s been here.   She makes other murmurings and purrings but is not a vocal cat so she must have felt it important to comment on the irrelevance of my dream or the extremity of the weather.  She had nothing to say when I asked her why she went out into the rain in the first place.

Clearly the damp is penetrating my brain.  Fantasy in the form of talking cats is not my line.  That said, I have a children’s story waiting for further episodes.  It started with an assignment from my writers’ group.  I had always cherished a notion of creating a character called Hector the Spectre so I got going with that and gave him a pal, Torcuil the Ginger Cat.  Further episodes have not got written however in spite of a potential fun cast list featuring the Flatfoot Fairies.  I knew that this is a highly specialised area – and indeed a very competitive market.  Only when I had a go myself did I realise how demanding it is, identifying the age range and therefore appropriate complexity of vocabulary and ideas.  So lots to research and explore if I decide to pursue the tales. 

Talking of cats, there’s a ginger female here on Bute looking for a home   Any takers in cat collect/delivery distance from here?

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