Miming the blog

That’s why you haven’t read anything here since L’Art du Silence – I’ve been miming!  Having said that, one could do that by posting video clips or by You Tube.  But it’s words for me with the occasional photo.  That’s the limit of my technical reach for the moment.

morning light

Here’s a photo I took from the ferry this week when travelling over to work in Glasgow.  I love that soft silky look of the water. 

The previous week  I was working in Liverpool and though I had my laptop, I was simply not organised enough to post.  I have yet to get my WiFi gizmo to work – supposed to be dead easy but not for me it seems.  This too I will crack! 

I’m away for most of the next 3 weeks but my plan when on the writing residency at Covepark is to keep a daily journal.  My workspace does not have connectivity but the main centre does, so I should be able to blog away each evening.  That way, I’ll have a record of the experience for myself, for anyone who’s moved to read it and for the Covepark archive.  As I’ll be working on the novel, there won’t be a discrete finished product so a journal of the two weeks will be in the nature of an output.  

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