Cove Park Day 2

Another lovely day – misty autumn sun, still and quiet.  Spent a little while on the shore listening to about 150 Eider ducks making that ‘woo woo’ noise they do.  Outside my accommodation, the pod, there’s an old birch tree which was alive with wee birds, mainly chaffinches. 

pa220316.jpg  Try clicking on this to see my accommodation!

What about the writing? I consulted the Mslexia novel writing advice on structure which distinguishes between scenes and summaries.  I took a section and went through it analysing which were ‘scenes’ ie which presented a situation in the here and now, and which were ‘summaries’, author’s account of what has taken place.  This proved a useful exercise and I’ll be able to review other sections in this way.

However, the main challenge is actually to write new material.  Can the story continue?  This is the big question.  I have lots of research still to do but I decided to concentrate on writing from scratch and check the accuracy later.  I have written over 2,000 new words since coming here – whether they will form part of the final product remains to be seen!

This evening we (the Argyll & Bute residency folk) were invited to join in a meal laid on for the artists in schools event.  Students came from three schools in Argyll to work with artists here who will then visit the schools in Tarbert, Campbeltown and Bowmore, Islay.  Splendid food, glass or two of wine – very good after a day on my own. 

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