Cove Park Day 3

Getting to the gritty bit now! I realised this morning that I was trying to make the writing happen and so I went off for a walk through a nearby woodland. I walked quite hard for an hour and a half and arrived back ‘glowing’ when everyone else was shivering. I had done some scribbling of thoughts earlier on so followed these up this afternoon. I’ve written another couple of short scenes and sketched out some possibilities for later stages of the plot. To be honest, I don’t know whether I’ve got the sheer stamina to sustain writing a novel or whether there is enough buzz in this project to keep me going. There’s got to be a real fire in your belly. Is it still burning? Yes, at the level of ideas and themes. Whether I can translate these into a narrative that works is the question.
Very much colder today – this afternoon grey and still. 4 o’clock brought what Terry Pratchett calls the ‘long dark teatime of the soul’.

The first week almost gone – eek! My mentor for this fortnight suggests that it may actually be harder to be productive with the whole day at one’s disposal, especially when used to being busy and producing under pressure. I’m pretty good at structuring my time. It’s being clear about what I need most – musing time, writing time, resting time…

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