Cove Park Day 4

Bucketing rain and wind today after a brilliantly moonlit night. After my yomp through the woods yesterday and a good sleep, I woke refreshed and energised. Read the final chapter of the Artist’s Way on recovering a sense of faith in the creative process. This chimes with advice, again from Mslexia, about ‘not writing’. Roselle Angwin suggests doing other activities to encourage ideas to arise in their own time. (This is not to be confused with the displacement behaviour which finds one ironing or cleaning the oven). I’m pleased to realise that this is indeed what I have done – walking yesterday, recording some of what I saw and felt, having a leisurely bath. It did not seem to bear fruit until today. Now, I feel reconnected to the work wheras yesterday I was just fed up with it.

I won’t be writing much about the content of the novel I’m working on, as you might imagine. So here instead are two pictures. Mallards by the shore:


and as I didn’t have the camera in the woods, the tree picture is in words:

In the middle of the wood among dark trunks and felled trees, a small beech tree glowed. The sun was not fully out but bright enough to illuminate the foliage. It looked as though lit from within, a lamp in the gloom of the forest. Closer up, I could see that the leaves were not uniformly gold but lemon-yellow, honey, pale green and rusty orange. They shine in my mind’s eye, a flare of autumn brilliance.

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