Cove Park Day 7

Serious stuff today. Having developed the plot further yesterday, I took a section and wrote 1500 words in a first person, present tense mode which took me into the character more deeply. It left me feeling quite bleak, probably the most emotionally involved since I came here. I expected, indeed hoped, to tap into a certain level of intensity. Otherwise, I’m skirting round the edges of the story. How could a reader become involved if I’m not?
This raises the question about whether other sections lack that vitality. There must be shifts in pace and temperature of course – the reader needs some variety. But if I’m bored writing or reading a passage, it has to go. It may be the whole thing will need to be re-written in a different way.

I have another day and a half here. I’m trying not to think of the time as moving to a close. That way, I run the risk of coasting towards the end of the week rather than using the time to its fullest. I do believe that I’m achieving what I set out to do – to re-connect to what I’ve already written, to work on a structure and to write a couple of chapters. I’m not confident yet that a full length novel will be the end result – there’s a long way to go. I feel much more ‘into it’ and the material will see the light of day one way or another.


Yesterday evening, I spent some time drawing a pair of dead trees I had photographed. That sounds a bit dreary but in fact they made fantastic shapes like a pair of antlers. My recent lessons are bearing a little fruit I think and whatever the result, it’s a very absorbing activity and complements the word spinning very well. I also attempted to make an image with water colour pencils of the beech tree I described in Day 4.

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