Cove Park – final dispatch

All packed up and not quite ready to go. My ‘pod’ has become home to me for two weeks and it’s hard to leave it. The responsibilities of the rest of my life will crowd in all too soon. I’m resolved to continue the work I’ve rekindled here on the novel. So that will mean renewing my routine of writing first thing in the morning when not travelling off the island to work.

As I’ve said, the contact with the other artists here has been fantastic and latterly a lot of fun. Hallowe’en saw us introducing our French colleague to ‘dooking’ for apples. I stuck with the staider version of holding a fork in my mouth and dropping it from a height to spear my apple. The others really dooked and got soaked in the process – so did the floor until we deployed bin bags! At the lunch for funders and sponsors yesterday, the Arts Development Officer for Argyll & Bute joked that we were all having far too much fun! Eileen and Peter Jacobs who set up Cove Park attended the lunch so we were able to thank them personally. The distinguishing feature here is the level of trust that the small scale of the centre allows for. No rotas or registers. Equipment and even a vehicle is available by negotiation with
the others and the whole ambience is the opposite of institutional.

I have learned more about the craft of novel writing, gained insights from the folk around me and had a wonderful opportunity to connect to my creative self. I will be back!

2 Responses to “Cove Park – final dispatch”

  1. 1 jane November 7, 2007 at 10:10 am

    I’ve just returned from having been away and so read your Cove Park blog as one piece, rather than day to day as you posted. My immediate impression was that the whole period is just like your word-photograph of the tree – a vibrant golden glow made up, when you look more closely, of innumerable different shades. I thought it was brave of you to accept the emotional challenge and exhaustion of creating, admirably disciplined to do the grunt-work – all that crawling round the floor! – and very wise to enjoy the recuperative power of nature and the people around you.

  2. 2 alisonwriting November 7, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    Thank you so much! Very affirming. As you see I’ve been so submerged in the life I’ve resumed that there have been no more posts as yet.

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