There’s nothing like leaving your life behind for reminding you how busy it is when you re-enter it.  Coming back to earth we call it but if that means we’ve left heaven then I want to bring a bit of it back with me!  It’s no accident that I haven’t posted anything since returning from Cove Park last Friday.  I had diverted the phone, set up a hotmail address and let everyone know I was incommunicado except for emergencies – or very good news.  I’ve spent the week running to catch up with my life.

I spend some of my day job encouraging people to manage their time effectively and to take time out.  Yet another review is in order.  To benefit from the progress I was able to make while away, I obviously need to stay connected to the work.  When I have completed work in the past, it has been because I set aside dedicated time.

A fellow artist and I have agreed to support each other to commit a set number of hours per week to whatever creative task is in hand.  He starts today.  I start on Monday.  Watch this space – feel free to check up on me!

2 Responses to “Re-entry!”

  1. 1 rosemary November 10, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    Yes, re-entry syndrome we call it in my family. It’s worse when you get tight deadlines – like a wedding in December!

  2. 2 Denis Bell November 16, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    Great Alison, I love the way you have been challenged (well I think you have challenged yourself)!
    I am trying to understand the psyche and need for creativity behind a novel. It all sounds too complex (for my wee pea at least!).
    Life is good and I’m far more interested in true stories or at least the way people share experiences; but then again, I’m nosey about what and who’s out there rather than invented stuff, even though I have read some good fiction over the years.
    I’m fully into travelogue and the lives and times of people. Maybe an age thing, but I’m also starting to become more interested in the characters of our times or more recent history, through biographies and autos-…
    Mary and I have done a lot of cycle-related reading too about Lance Armstrong, Paul Kimmage and the Festina Drugs affair, because ‘it’s real-world and mysteriously fudged truths – a fully corrupt sport’…but I guess from a high horse ”that’s the interesting, devious and challenging world we live in”.
    I hope all continues to go well for you and thanks for the pics. Inspiration is very easy in our beautiful country.
    Kindest regards, Denis.

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