Felt in the body

The Wordsworth discussion featured an interesting point about the physicality of the poet’s descriptions of the natural world – or rather of his response to it.  He says ‘the calm/ and dead still water lay upon my mind/even with a weight of pleasure, and the sky,/never before so beautiful, sank down into my heart,’.  ‘My blood appeared to flow/For its own pleasure,’…

Last night Rothesay hosted for the second year running, the Russian vocal ensemble Voskresenije.  Some of the sounds they produce evoke an immediate visceral response, hair standing on end, tears springing spontaneously to the eyes.  The typical voice technique results in this rich open sound which takes a direct line to the body bypassing the mind.   

I feel a connection here but can’t quite put it into words.  There, I’ve thrown myself a word wrestling challenge!  Will return to it anon.

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