Words for profit

One of my aims in blogging is to promote my own work and recommend that of others.  With Christmas coming up my publisher will be running some special offers so look out for that if you don’t already have a copy of How to Stop Flogging a Dead Horse.   I’ll let you know about these very soon.

Debs Jenkins of Bookshaker is a writer as well as a publisher and I’m delighted to direct you to an article she’s written called ‘Power your Word for Profit’.  She didn’t ask me to push this.  I read it this morning when her email came in and was impressed by its creativity and simplicity.   Freelances of any kind, authors, artists, small business persons, and entrepreneurs are bombarded with advice about branding, sometimes from people wanting a fat fee for their expertise.

Debs offers a simple method for free.  Well, the company she runs with Joe Gregory is called Lean Marketing!  She’s used some familiar techniques and added some of her own, putting them together in a fun way so that you can come up with the WORD that captures who you are and what you have to offer.  Have a look for yourself and receive her free e-book.

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