Warming up

Yes, seeking to flex those word muscles, I wrote some of them yesterday.  No idea whether they will remain part of the novel or not but there was nothing for it but to begin.  Again. 

I’ve just finished writing the newsletter which goes out from WORDS in ACTION every other month.  (If you’re interested to read it, you can sign up for it on the home page of the website.)  I can batter out 1,000 words or so on business related topics so why the hiccup when it comes to the ‘creative’ stuff? 

Digressing, that use of the adjective ‘creative’ is one which I regularly challenge.  People will often say that they’re ‘not the creative type’.  But anything we bring into being that wasn’t there before, whether it’s a poem or an apple pie, constitutes a creative act.  Some are, admittedly, more original than others; some apple pies are more original than intended!  We distinguish though between the functional and the literary, with the latter being regarded as ‘creative’. 

Professor Jeremy Treglown in an article in the Financial Times makes the point that we don’t talk about ‘creative painting’ or ‘creative sculpture’.   He makes this point in passing in an article reviewing books on how to write.  Some maintain that writers are born, not made.  Treglown argues that though there are the geniuses at one end and those who are to writing what the tone deaf are to music, the rest of us in the middle can improve.  His recommendations are interesting.  He includes some memorable quotations (let’s rehabilitate that noun!)  Here is one:

‘The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of one’s trousers to the seat of one’s chair.’ – Kingsley Amis

 Hmm – point taken.  Time to stop writing about writing – and write!

Thanks to Mr L. W. for drawing my attention to the article. 

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