A great typo was passed on to me the other day – ‘Startegy’!  I think I’ll forget about strategies and concentrate on startegies instead!  One of the ways I get started is to write the current assignment for Bute Writers’ Group.  The day job takes me away quite a bit so I’m an erratic attender and an even more erratic writer of assignments.  When I do address myself to the task, I find it’s useful for encouraging me to write on a topic or in a genre which I wouldn’t otherwise have considered. 

The group is about to launch an anthology entitled All Roads lead to Bute.  A year or so back, we were to write a piece on our childhood memories.  The 14 pieces which resulted proved so interesting that we decided to put them together along with a companion piece about how the writer came subsequently to live on the island of Bute.   Leaf books is the publisher and the launch, for any reader on or near the island, will be in the Discovery Centre on Friday 29th February.    

And a wee plug!  A new review of ‘How to Stop Flogging a Dead Horse’ has just appeared on my Amazon page.  Great to know that folk read it – and put it into practice!

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