All Roads Lead to Bute

Another gap! I had a complete break for 5 days over last weekend which included a train trip from Glasgow to London which I spent writing the first draft of a short story. It was the assignment for my writers’ group, a short piece of crime fiction – not my bag but a useful exercise. I learned several things. Writing and thinking took most of the four and a half hours. I did nothing else except eat my sandwiches. This demonstrated the value of uninterrupted time in a capsule where I couldn’t be reached – as if I didn’t know. I also learned that I wrote it only out of what I’ve gleaned from reading or watching television so in that sense it’s second hand. I learned how little I knew about actual police processes.

I was not in the least surprised to note that I struggled with the plot – I’m not a doer of puzzles. When I do read crime, I don’t much care whodunnit.  But attempting it forced me to struggle with the back story and address any gaps or loose ends. I’m pleased to say that the unedited draft met with a favourable response from my peers and the offer of comments to fill any lacunas in the story.

In a previous post, I mentioned the Bute Writers Group anthology ‘All Roads Lead to Bute’.
This morning we’ll be celebrating at a launch in Bute’s Discovery Centre. It looks good and the pieces are fun to read and give an insight into a variety of childhood experiences in Scotland and beyond.  A companion piece tells how each of us fetched up on these shores. 

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