Spring equinox

Equilibrium – what a lovely word.  Apparently that’s what we were meant to have yesterday when light and dark are balanced, the sun being overhead at the equator.  There are gales here -I thought that they were a feature of the autumn equinox!  It seems we have a wild start to spring and snow forecast for Easter. 

The few daffodils in my small garden are struggling to remain upright.  A friend said to me ‘they’re very resilient’  but I fear for them.  A special strain, they seem less sturdy than the regular bright yellow ones.  (You can tell horticulture isn’t my strong suit!).  I won’t struggle to extract meaning from that.  In fact I intend not to struggle for meaning in anything I experience this weekend but to let it unfold like the buds on my flowering currant.

I bought a couple of primula plants with huge flowers and the most amazing perfume – very like freesia, although a completely different botanical family.  I looked them both up and am now confused about when a primula is a polyanthus!  I’ll just enjoy the fragrance.

2 Responses to “Spring equinox”

  1. 1 goforchris March 21, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    I had totally failed to clock the equinox. I think I was overcome by the other features of the season – and maybe the snow at midnight!

  2. 2 alisonwriting April 4, 2008 at 8:42 am

    Didn’t receive an email to alert me about this and as you see, have not been blogging! Regirding literary loins (?!)

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