The Very Next Day

Well it looks like spring but there’s a north wind blowing.  Visited a magnificant magnolia tree and was struck by how we associate the exotic with the tropical.  ‘How could this produce such amazing blooms in a cold climate?’  we found ourselves thinking.  This picture was taken last year when it was just past its best – didn’t have camera today.  If it snows tomorrow as predicted, it may be worth going back to capture it.  The huge flowers come out before any leaves and feel really thick – I believe they’re called ‘tepals’.  I was reminded of the creamy waxiness and dark dark glossy green leaves of a gardenia plant I was once given.   Not that it was ‘like’ a magnolia except in being amazing!    



Same with birds.  Is it just me?  Or do we tend to think of British birds being subdued compared to tropical ones?  And yes, of course we don’t have multicoloured parrots flying about but the goldfinch and the jay are pretty spectacular. 


1 Response to “The Very Next Day”

  1. 1 rosemary April 6, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    What struck me in Sri Lanka was the abundance of birds – and fruit and flowers. But wildlife and birds especially. Everywhere a bird flew. My daughter’s happiest times were drinking tea on the door step of her village home with her puppy beside her and the hornbill rootling through her trees. Ours are amazing but we have so few – not just so few species, but we just don’t have the birds everywhere that the tropics do.

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