Cheers the heart, don’t it not?

I hear the pedants howl! Just think, I might have written ‘Cheers the heart, innit?’.  Having spent a boggling two hours on the PC this morning I took a domestic break to wash up several meals worth (mealsworth?) of dishes to the accompaniment of Woman’s Hour. (BBC radio 4 for the benefit of any reading beyond these shores or too young to know about it.)  The link takes you to ‘Listen again’; the item is about half way through the hour.  There was an item about a north of England primary school which runs this wonderful scheme.  Five ladies from the WI go in once a week to teach the weans knitting and other traditional handcrafts AND the said weans teach the ladies IT skills!   The kids were very positive about it in spite of finding their seniors ‘a bit slow’ on the computers!  Besides learning to make toys, mittens etc the youngsters benefited from chatting to the women and found it a relaxing break from the plethora of tests in their curriculum.  One of the women had wanted to teach but had left school at 16 as her family could not afford a college education for her.  Now much later in life she delighted in being in the classroom.  A teacher of long experience said it was by far the best project she’d ever been involved with.  Yet, though this must have taken imagination and organisation, it’s not a complicated undertaking. 

Kids experiencing this may be the future thinkers-out-of-the-box.  They’ll be more confident in relating to older people.  (‘WI online thanks to Primary 6’)    And they’ll be able to sew on a button. 

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