Stop Press – new blog for the stories!

I’ve started a new blog dedicated to our stories and verse.  It’s called Frying an Egg.  Your contributions appear there but you have to register in order to comment.  I’ll experiment with the best way to manage it, the plan being to issue a challenge roughly once a month.  I could invite some of you to be contributors and then you too could set the monthly writing ‘trigger’.

I recently entered a very short poem (8 lines) and very short story (60 words max) in a competition.  (details on Frying an Egg).  To do that, I pruned two existing pieces, a poem and a story, reducing the former by 4 lines and cutting the story to about a quarter of its length.  I had thought they were quite economic but they benefited from this drastic surgery, demonstrating yet again that I’m seldom finished when I think I am!  That said, one can tinker too much.  It’s a judgment call. 

The main point of Frying an Egg is to have fun so let’s light the gas and get cooking!

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