Hurt Couture

A wee while back I put up a link to a short story of mine called The Tailor’s Dummy.  This prompted my pal, Colleen Magennis, to send me a poem she wrote years ago.  Here it is.

When the high-street fashion
moral-fibre clothing does not fit
we do not let it out, take it up, tuck, trim.
Instead we have alterations made to ourselves
(taking up, trimming, tucking, letting out)
till the dressmaker, mouth full of pins
wipes her scissors and says
Very you, madam, oh –
VERY you.
I can’t believe it’s over 2 weeks since I posted so it seems a bit de trop to say that I’ll be away for the next 5 days!  I hope I’ll have something to come back to over on Frying an Egg (you know who you are!)




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