Alison’s not been writing?

Oh yes she has!  But not the blog.  First off, I was away for a break with no internet connection, no telly, no radio, no personal music system…utter quiet.  Second reason – letting life get in the way.  So, back on track to encourage myself and all you writers!

I had a fun evening at our local library last night where the Bute Writers’ Group was hosting an evening.  Our anthology ‘All roads Lead to Bute’ is practically sold out so the event was more by way of showcasing, not only BWG’s successes, but those of other local writers.  The most recent to have work published is Debbie Wallace whose children’s book  ‘Dragons’ Dance’ is going down well.  She spoke about the roller coaster of emotion when you put your heart into a piece of writing and then go through the mill of rejections.  The upswing of elation when a publisher says ‘yes’ is only the beginning of the next phase of hard work.  But, as she said, when you hold a book in your hand, it’s all worth it.  That’s why I don’t think print format will die out too quickly.  E-books are brilliant for some purposes but folk still like to curl up with an actual book – and read to children!

When in France I emerged from my silence to visit the town of Argenton-sur-Creuse – here’s a pic.


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