If at first…?

The story of Bruce’s spider was told to most primary school kids of my vintage. The idea was to instil perseverance. Like Alfred and the burnt cakes, it’s more legend than fact, I imagine.   Well, here I am blogging again after an absence of nearly 4 months.   One aim is to point any readers to Frying an Egg which I’m starting up again.  Some of us had fun contibuting pieces of writing triggered by a chance remark or a photograph.  Revisiting them, I’m seriously impressed.

I’ve made some new writing friends who, I hope, will take up the challenge and get the frying pan on again.  Eggs?  Frying pans?  See how it all began.

My eggs (the ones I actually eat) come from a friend who took in rescue chickens.  (They go up mountains?  With a barrell round their necks?  some wit asked.)  but not everyone knows that some battery hens reaching the end of their short productive life are saved and taken to a holding centre from where individuals can collect them and give them a new lease of life.  All but one of Monica’s scrawny balding specimens survived and flourish, producing enormous eggs. 

Let’s revive Frying an Egg.  A new challenge is about to appear!

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