Joining it all up

Just as I start to get the hang of one piece of e-stuff, another load comes along!  No, I don’t tag or twitter and I Flickr only very occasionally.  I do have a newsletterthat relates more directly to WORDS in ACTION, my consultancy business.   That’s supposed to link up to this blog, to articles I put on the web and to my publisher’s website and that’s before you take account of all the social and business networking sites.  I’ve forgotten half the sites I’m signed up to and as for passwords!  Don’t go there.

I am determined to streamline this and choose what’s most useful to me.  Let’s hear it for Occam’s Razor (entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity).

So today, if you click through to my website, you can sign up for my newsletter.   Or have a look at FryanEgg.  That’s as joined up as it’s getting for now!

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