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Well, here I am again.  Life got in the way so here’s yet another try at keeping this going!   I’m inspired by a trip to the London Book Fair where I met my publisher for the first time, having had only virtual contact till then.  Also met Jo Parfitt a fellow author who has tweeted kindly about ‘How to Stop Flogging a Dead Horse’.  We are agreed that our books complement each other.   A Career in your Suitcase is her guide for expats and their spouses/partners who want to find rewarding work in the country they find themselves in.  And if that ain’t you, then ‘Find Your Passion – 20 Tips and 20 Tasks for finding work that makes your spirit soar’ is well worth buying.

STOP PRESS I’ve just clicked through to Jo’s blog in order to link it to this.  How’s this for synchronicity – she has posted a blog today about our meeting.  Yes, we agreed to support each other but we had no plan to blog about this today!

A friend recently said that I seem to read a lot.  Not true, I just talk a lot about the books I do read!  I’m so grateful for the other friend (I have two!) who sent me a new copy of the book I began when staying with her.  It was so special, I couldn’t bear to take it from her shelves.  I’ve now finished ‘Gilead’ by Marilynne Robinson, an astonishing piece of writing encompassing love, death,  father-son relationships, grace, forgiveness… big topics but all with such a gentle touch told in the form of an extended letter from a dying preacher to the young son of his old age.  Every page holds a pearl of wisdom – and none contains such a cliche.

In another vein but also set in rural America, is Moo by Jane Smiley, a hilarious and very clever satire on academia.  In this case, as the title suggests, the university is specialises in agronomy.

 Do let me know what you’re reading!

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