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Another opening, another show!

Elgin Amateur Dramatic Society is to perform ‘Between the Lines’ later this month (21st -24th May, Elgin town Hall should you happen to be in those earts).  One of three short plays, it will run for four nights.  I caught what you might call the premiere at Crieff High School, a couple of months back.  It’s so exciting to see the words come alive and to learn more about ‘wot I wrote’ when I see a director’s interpretation.

 Talking of openings, I’m fascinated by the explosion of leaves and blossom, as though all the growth has been straining at the starting gate until released by this last week of warm sunshine.  Here’s the azalea in my garden rioteously joining the party.

exploding into bloom


Exciting news

I’ve just learned that Crieff High School plans to put on a performance of my play ‘Between the Lines’, in March as part of a festival of short plays.  It appears in the anthology Scottish Plays for Schools.  I was hoping it would be performed – after all that’s the point of writing a play – and it was on my agenda to pursue this, so it’s very gratifying that it’s been picked up.

I’ve just received a phone call from a total stranger who ‘just had to ring’ to tell me how excited she was about my book ‘How to Stop Flogging a Dead Horse’.  It seems it meets her exactly where she is in her life.  She has not, she says, encountered another book tackling the matter of letting go and moving on.  As she is inclined to go in for the ‘long goodbye’, she’s keen to put it into practice.  So quite a day! 

It may be no accident that I sent out an issue of my newsletter earlier this week, putting my head back over the parapet after lying low for a bit.  It’s them vibes wot do it!